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Welcome to Motorfix Wangara, the leading automotive service centre specialising in Brake and Clutch Service & Repair in the heart of Wangara. With a legacy of trust built on years of exceptional workmanship, we stand at the forefront of vehicle safety and performance. Our team, a collective of highly experienced and skilled professionals, is passionately dedicated to ensuring that every car we service meets the highest standards of reliability and efficiency.

Understanding the critical role that well-maintained brakes and clutches play in your vehicle’s safety, we offer a suite of bespoke services designed to address every aspect of your vehicle’s needs. Our experts employ a meticulous approach, combining traditional techniques with modern diagnostics to deliver services that are both comprehensive and cutting-edge.

Whether you’re confronted with a sudden brake failure, experiencing clutch slippage, or simply in need of routine maintenance, our doors in Wangara are open to providing you with not just services, but solutions that are tailored to your unique situation. At Motorfix Wangara, we don’t just repair vehicles; we foster safety and peace of mind, so you can enjoy a seamless driving experience.

Brake Inspections and Maintenance

Secure your journey with Motorfix Wangara’s meticulous brake inspections and diligent maintenance. Our in-depth brake evaluations are designed to pinpoint even the most subtle signs of wear and performance degradation. We meticulously assess every component — from pads to hydraulic fluids — ensuring that every aspect of your braking system is operating at peak performance.

We draw on industry-best practices, incorporating thorough checks that range from pad lining thickness to rotor surface condition, all conducted by our certified technicians. Each inspection includes a fluid health assessment to guarantee that critical brake responses remain sharp and effective. Our team remains vigilant for signs of potential failure, from leaks to wear, and our diagnostics are calibrated to identify issues before they compromise your safety.

Clutch Checks and Replacement

Recognising the critical role of a fully functional clutch in your vehicle’s operation, Motorfix Wangara offers specialised clutch diagnostics to identify any concerns from wear and tear to hydraulic malfunctions. Our thorough inspection process ensures each component, be it the clutch disc, pressure plate, or flywheel, is evaluated for optimal performance. We pride ourselves on pinpointing issues with precision, ensuring every gear shift is smooth and efficient.

When a replacement is necessary, trust our seasoned technicians to fit your vehicle with the highest quality parts designed for resilience and performance. We source our components from reputable manufacturers, guaranteeing that every new clutch installed by Motorfix Wangara upholds our standards for quality and reliability. Enhance your driving experience with a clutch system that responds when you need it most, backed by our commitment to excellence in automotive care.


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Advanced Brake and Clutch Repairs

Latest Diagnostic Equipment

Utilising the latest diagnostic tools, we accurately pinpoint issues and efficiently service your vehicle’s brake and clutch systems.

High-Quality Parts

We use premium parts in all our repairs, including renowned brands such as Bendix and DBA, to ensure the best performance and durability.

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Took my car a couple of times. They have always delivered excellent work, clear communication and they are very professional. Highly recommended.
Tyron and Rob rocks. Motorfix 👍👍👍

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